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EVER FRESH presenting, world-class Modular Kitchens crafted out of so much love that it inspires even
the man of the house to open up and become one with the heart and the hearth of his home.

Our Philosophy

Commitment is our highest priority

We approach our commitments with ownership, clarity and responsibility. We believe in open communication, and live up to our words, actions and results.

We always improve upon ourselves

Innovation is a driving force behind improving our work standards. We are committed to getting better every day in everything we do, as individuals and as teams.

Quality is prime importance to us

We promise that our product, delivery and services will always be of the highest standards. We are provides you a maintenance kit free of cost when you install our kitchen.

We always put the Company before us

We work with a sense of ownership. We believe that organization interest is supreme, above all individual preferences and goals. All our decisions, actions and dealings are inspired from the realisation that the Organisation is before self.

Installation/ After sales Service Process

Once your personalized kitchen unit is ready in 3-4 weeks, a technical team ensures that it is installed seamlessly in your kitchen within a couple of days. You can now enjoy your remodeled kitchen with assurance of our support whenever you need it, even after sales.

Best processes and teams at your service

Your kitchen is one of the most important places in your home – we ensure that it complements your personality, matches what you need and makes your cooking enjoyable. We follow a predefined process to ensure that all your needs are taken care.

Our Short Services

Modular Kitchens Design

Converting your old kitchen decor into a Ever Fresh kitchen is an easy, quick and simple process.

Kitchen Trolleys

We provide our customers with a wide range of Kitchen Trolley, which is innovative in design and precisely manufactured.


Our panoply of kitchen accessories are hand-picked to improve everyday effenciency.With flatware, knives, spices and more within easy reach, meals are made that much easier.

Recent Work

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Work Room Design


Client:- Mrs. Archana Godbole Date: 23/06/2017

We provide Exclusive designs makes Client kitchen highly functional & durable with wide range of option & customized solutions for setting up Modular Kitchens.

Work Room Design


Client: - Mr. Kishor Kote, Pashan Date: 19/08/2017

We provide wide range of kitchen trolleys which are made to best utilization of Kitchen Space, make Client Kitchen completely a functional place & enhance the beauty of Kitchen.

Work Room Design


Client: -Adv. Petkar, Talegaon Date: 07/09/2014

We supply Poly ACRYLIC SHUTTERS & POSTFORM SHUTTERS to respected client which are make Client Kitchen completely a adorable & enhance the ambiace of Kitchen.

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Our Latest Blog

Blogging is a conversation, not a code, Which is for directly communication with followers.

Our Portfolio

Ever Fresh Modular kitchen
Ever Fresh L-shape Modular kitchen
Ever Fresh L-shape Modular kitchen
Ever Fresh Simple Modular Kitchen
Ever Fresh Modular Kitchen Chimney
Ever Fresh Kitchen Trolleys
Ever Fresh U-shape Modular kitchen
Ever Fresh Modular kitchen Chimney

Incredible Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

Mr. Shrikant Kendhe


Customer Feedback

I have to compliment Ever Fresh Modular Kitchen for a thoroughly satisfied experience. The value,
professionalism and layout of the Ever Fresh Modular Kitchen were excellent.
As expected, the Sales team and facilities was top notch, we had a really good experience.

Mrs. & Mr. Mandar Kotosthane


I would definitely recommend if you are in the area of hotel field then they will guide you
to purchase the best product to start your function, especially if you are new for this industry.

Asmita Atre


My purchasing experience was very good. It was super quick, user -friendly. The equipments operation was
again superfast and much uncomplicated.

Nitin Petkar